About Us

Natuurehitus was founded in 2006, the company’s main activity is to construct energy-efficient buildings with good indoor climate by using natural materials. The mission of Natuurehitus is to build comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient homes for people. The vision of Natuurehitus is to be a leader in the construction market for constructing bioenergetically empowering buildings and using environmentally friendly technologies. We value our customers by offering the best quality and reliability. All our activities are planned based on customer’s well-being and the preservation of pure nature. In addition to ecological real estate development, we offer the following interior finishing works:

Clay plastering;

Lime plastering;

Installing reed mats;

Casein and lime painting;

Other interior finishing based on an agreement.

Contact Us

Oja 31, Saku

Harjumaa , Estonia 75501

+372 56 485 778

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