Oxford Sustainable

About Us

Oxford Sustainable is a leading developer of sustainable property, wind and other renewable energy.

Oxford Sustainable also provides quality, sustainable and energy auditing, certification and advice (e.g. Breeam), in the Baltics and Scandinavia.

We have built a track record of managing projects successfully in multiple countries. This puts us in a fairly unique position compared to other organisations when not only developing our own projects but also offering services, since we have the practical knowledge, proven in the real world with our own team. Our services do not come with academics, consultants or trainers whose career is in providing advice. They  come with one or more senior team members who have been involved directly in similar large and small development projects. Our team members are still working on projects in parallel to providing the service. This means we have done it ourselves and seen the pitfalls, the problems and the path to success in practice, not only read about it in a book.

Contact Us

Merivälja tee 1

Tallinn , Estonia 11911

+372 6001864


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